so where do you live?

That's a good question. Obviously with my business being based in London I spend a lot of time there, but with my boyfriend being based in Zurich I also spend time there. So really I'm a nomad, I'm where I need to be when I need to be, and thankfully BA & Easy Jet have so many flights between Zurich and London in a day that it's easy to hop between the two.

Why don't we see your boyfriend?

*whispers* he's made up... just kidding. He's a private person and I respect that.

How can I get in touch?

If you're a brand or business and want to get in touch then either reach out to me on social media, or send me an email to


What do you actually do?

So I am one of the founders of KINN, a lifestyle business selling an array of clean beauty products for you, your family and your home. What does that even mean you ask, well why not head to the website and find out?

Who takes your pictures?

I do... just me, and sometimes whoever is with me helps. I'm still getting over the whole living for the instagram thing, and find it a little embarrassing when I get someone to take a million pictures, but oh well, life goes on.

What do you use for pictures?

So I used to use my canon DSLR, but I find it's annoying to lug around all of the time and really isn't that necessary with todays phones being so good. I decided to upgrade my phone to the iPhone X so now I just use that.