My Flying Outfit


If you're following me on on twitter or instagram you may have noticed that I fly quite a bit now, and I've had a couple of questions about my in flight wardrobe so I thought I'd share a quick post with a snapshot of a typical outfit I wear to fly.

Personally I am not about the tracksuit look when I fly, I like to look smart and presentable, but to also be comfy. Depending on how long the flight is will also alter which shoes I wear, for long haul I tend to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off, like espadrilles or trainers, for shot haul I may just go with ballet pumps. Either way I DO NOT think it's ok to walk on those planes and into the bathroom in just socks... it's foul, hence the easily put on shoes. 

My go to outfit tends to be a variation of what is in the image above, loose-ish fitting jeans (if it's short haul) or smart well made leggings, a comfy shirt of some form and always something to throw over my shoulders in my bag. I like to wear this variation of outfit because I find that it has seen me through departing Dubai in 40+ heat or landing in Gatwick in the snow. It's adaptable, smart and comfy without the tracksuit. 

I used to try and smush everything into a tiny handbag but decided a couple of years back to treat myself to a LV Holdall and Never Full which sees me through long and short haul flights with ease... more of what's inside and my in flight essentials soon. 

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