My little round of up Penne D'Agenais


Penne D'Agenais, or Penne as most refer to it, has got to be one of my favourite villages in the little part of France my family are from. It's a beautiful medieval hilltop village (ok they all are in this area) that makes me think of Beauty and the Beast for it's picturesque little stone houses and roses climbing the walls. 

In Penne you really will not find heaps of things to do, it is small, it is quaint and it is beyond picturesque. If you are feeling fit enough (need to burn off those croissants you wolfed down for breakfast) you can take the lazy stroll to the very beautiful and picturesque Notre-Dame de Peyragude which dominates the skyline and has a beyond breathtaking view of the valleys below. 


On your walk back down I suggest you stop for a glass...bottle... maybe more of wine and some food at the lovely little restaurant Le Bombe Cul, which can get very busy in the summer so it's best to book if you're after supper. Though I would also recommend Le Patio d'Hauteville and Le Peyragude as well. 


After you've drunk your fair share of delicious French wine, I do not recommend that you drive! So hopefully you will have read my review of La Maison Sur La Place and booked a room at this stunning design led hotel. You'll wake up maybe with a groggy head or maybe feeling fit as a fiddle, either way you won't be disappointed by the delicious spread that the owner (Genevieve) creates for breakfast, which will set you up perfectly for a day of exploring the region and the all the beauty it has to offer. 


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