Do You Gin?

*This post is for those of legal drinking age*

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The first time I had Gin it was not a happy experience. Handed a bottle of something at a party in my "youth" (oh those were days) I took a swig of what I was told was Gin but was more akin to paint stripper. I don't remember the name of it, or the suspect looking bottle it came in, just that it put me off Gin for a rather long time. 

I didn't try Gin again until I was in Barcelona, it was hot, I was thirsty and a friend said it was Gin O'Clock, after a bit of protesting that Gin really is the worst thing to happen to mankind since Vodka (another spirit I learned to love in later years) I agreed to try the "amazing" Gin she insisted upon. It was delightful, botanical and everything Gin should be. 


From there my love affair with Gin grew... please don't imagine I am one of those poor souls in Gin Lane by Hogarth hooked up on what really was at that time something very different to the Gin of today (unless you count the paint stripper I was given). But I began to understand that Gin really could taste very different, even down to the tonic water used. 

I discovered this Gin on one of my first evenings in Zurich, we were at a bar and it was being used in the cocktail I was drinking. Personally I am drawn to all things pretty packaging so I was keen to get a bottle for home just so I could look at it and admire how pretty it was. 

Le Tribute is a perfectly light and summery Gin from Spain and is created by the same family run distillery as Gin Mare, with citrus hints of lime and grapefruit as well lemongrass. It's a delight to drink, especially if you are able to get ahold of their beautifully bottled and very tasty tonic water, and looks very pretty on display as well. 


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