On finding a place to live in Zurich


Hold onto your hats this is going to be a bumpy ride! 

Ok, so in actuality we were incredibly lucky in finding our home, and I truly have to thank my wonderful boyfriend for finding us quite possibly the dreamiest apartment within a stones throw from the lake! 

But I digress... apartment hunting in Zurich is not for the faint of heart, and I suggest growing a thick skin to cope with the constant disappointment of fighting others for a space that you may or may not get... even if the bed is on the floor and your over 6ft boyfriend can't stand up in most of the spaces... (we didn't go for this particular gem in the end)

So, without further ado, here is my (slightly tongue in cheek) guide to finding a place to live in Zurich.  

  1. Congratulations! You've been told by your boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband that you're moving to Zurich in half a year... start looking now. People seem to move maybe once a quarter in this city so really you can't look to early.

  2. Head to Comparis.ch and homegate.ch to see what's about... I warn you it's dismal at times.

  3. Pick a budget... then add to it.

  4. Wear comfy shoes. You've shortlisted your favourite places and now it's time to see them, get ready to queue... and get ready for that crushing disappointment when you see about thirty other people all desperate to nab that space.

  5. You found your dream apartment, but so have fifteen other people, this is where your references will come in handy... work for a bank? (who doesn't in Zurich?) this will go in your favour. Had complaints from your previous neighbours... this will work against you.

  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until you eventually give up all hope, wonder just how you're going to find somewhere to live and contemplate commuting into Zurich... it is at this point that something just perfect will come up and you'll be the lucky one to nab it!

  7. Move in, battle with IKEA and enjoy the shock of how difficult it is to throw away cardboard without a car... have a glass of wine.. or maybe a bottle, you've earned it.

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