Why I Pay For Lounge Access

Unless you are lucky enough to be travelling business class or first class every time you fly, then like most of us you’re stuck in the airport willing yourself not to spend all of your holiday money before you’ve even gone away!


After spending a lot of time in airports (and having experienced Business Class and the perks it offers), and after making the decision to live between London and Zurich I decided it was finally time to buy a Priority Pass and skip out of the airport experience all together.

There really is nothing better then getting to the airport and getting to skip out the airport, as soon as you’re through security you can abscond to the quiet calm of the lounge and help yourself to bubbles, wine, soft drinks or food. The food isn’t always the best, but it still beats sitting in the busy airport lobby.

Just try not to forget about your flight as they don’t announce them in the lounge!