On Moving To Zurich


So you may, or may not have noticed that I have changed the name of my blog from The KINN Diaries, to Sophie Expat. The reason being, that I am now and expat... well if you can count flying between two countries constantly to make sure your business is running smoothly in one country whilst maintaining a life with my love in another as being an expat... which I like to think I can. Yes that's correct, I have moved abroad, to Zurich to be precise...

That being said, why did I even move to Zurich you ask? Well that's simple, the love of my life is there and so I will be too... It's all very exciting, though I don't think either of us were quite ready to give up London (lucky for me I don't actually have to)

I figured since it's now been a few months and we've found somewhere to live and I've let the shock of the cost of bin bags settle in a little bit, I would write a few posts on what it's like to live life on the Swiss (German) side, especially when you don't speak a word of German! So prepare for a slightly new direction with this blog, it's still mostly going to be my inane ramblings on random subjects from fashion to travel to food, but with a little Zurich life thrown in for good measure! 

Stay tuned!

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