Why You Should Look For Certified Organic Products


So I'm a big believer in buying organic, supporting those who create the organic products for us to buy, and to the places like Soil Association who take the time to make credible, well thought out guidelines on exactly what organic should and shouldn't be. 

Growing up, Organic has always been the norm to me. A funny looking tomato or misshapen carrot was a regular occurrence in our household and whilst I was treated to the occasional yummy mouth treats of non-organic, calorie laden treats. They were just that, treats, and on the whole our lifestyle was what people now seem to be referring to as "clean." 

But now that Organic and Natural have become something that more and more people are interested in brining into their lives, it seems there are a lot of products out there whose sole aim is to capitalise on this movement rather then embrace it and give the consumer what they really want, organic and natural products. I find it abhorrent that companies are able to harness claims like "Natural" and "Organic" and yet when one really flips the bottle over and reads the ingredients, natural and organic account for just a tiny amount of what's really in there... if it's in there at all.  

That's why I can't say enough that when shopping for products who make the claims of being natural and organic, that you look out for the Soil Association COSMOS logo (COSMOS is the new standard that units organic certification in Europe). Soil Association COSMOS does the hard work for you, vetting the companies who want to make the claims and only granting them natural or organic status if they reach their very strict criteria. You can read more about why it's important to look out for their symbol here.  

I would like to point out that there are products out there who do not carry the Soil Association Symbol who are what they claim to be, so please, if you're looking at a product who doesn't carry this symbol then flip over to the back and check the ingredients or reach out to the owners.