The Classic Shoe


This is an old post, from one of my old blogs, I feel like the content whilst short and sweet is still very much relevant... or at least I just like to talk about shoes and was going to post on some of my all time old faves! 

The Classic shoe... It's something every woman should have in her arsenal, a classic shoe that makes her confident, sexy, in command... ok can we really get all of this from a shoe or is that more a state of mind? But I digress, I love shoes, and shoes really do, in my opinion, take an outfit and elevate it. Even the most beautiful fitting trousers can be ruined by a pair of dodgy shoes poking out of the bottom. 

Considering the majority of what I wear is black, variations of black and sometimes grey (I do throw some colour in the summer) I always think of my shoes as an accessory piece, the part of the outfit to shine. These Sophia Webster's are one of my go to classic pairs when I want to feel a little more "out there" without actually having to be "out there"... my other super classics are my Saint Laurent court shoes... quite possibly the most comfortable heels I own. 
What are your classic go to shoes?

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