A Long Weekend In Venice


Venice, how can one not fall in love with this city, sure it's a giant floating tourist trap in the summer, but is it so hard to see why? I must confess I have only ever visited Venice in the winter months and have so far luckily avoided the crowds. Yet, even if I had endured Venice through the heavy tourist months I think my love for this glorious floating city would prevail... (it's not really floating by the way) 

Here is my very little list of places in Venice, I went to a few restaurants recommend to us by our hotel, however I do not remember their names because my memory for names seems to be awful, I just remember that they were tucked away from the main hustle and bustle, places that real Venetian's go to.

I'd love to know your thoughts on Venice and where to go, leave a comment below! 

  • Palazzina G - For me the location was perfect and I am a sucker for Phillipe Starck designed hotels, not to mention those stools in the Krug lounge!
  • Harry's Bar - Whilst I wouldn't go back when I next visit Venice, I honestly don't think you can go to Venice and not have at least one Aperol Spritz at least once in Harry's Bar.
  • Cafe Florian - Again, whilst I know this is a rather obvious place to visit you really cannot beat their incredible coffees and hot chocolates!
  • The Danieli - It has such an incredible view over the mouth of the Grand Canal and the food is divine, not to mention when we went we got free cake because someone on the table next to us was celebrating their birthday
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection - This is an absolute must visit if you love modern art and want to have a snoop around her Venetian home.
  • Galleria dell'Accademia - Again, if you love art you must go
  • Palazzo Grassi - This had some very cool installations when I was there that contrasted amazingly against the 18th century backdrop
  • Santa Maria del Rosario - A very beautiful little church with some very beautiful and very old paintings
  • Doges Palace - Because you can't not go
  • San Marco Basilica - Again, you can't really miss it, and it really is worth the visit, jaw dropping is one way to describe it

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As you can see, I've very high levels of maturity

As you can see, I've very high levels of maturity

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