What It Feels Like To Launch Your First Company


I remember launching KINN as if it were yesterday... well considering it was only a few months ago, it practically was yesterday. I remember the waking up and feeling this overwhelming sense of panic. What am I doing, why am I doing this, am I crazy... is there still time to run away to Ibiza and train as a yoga instructor? All thoughts that ran through my head as I sat in the shower staring at the organic body wash I was going to start showing to strangers, press, anyone I could talk to about it and the benefits of using organic, of the ingredients we've included, of the fact avocado oil is amazing and thats why it's in everything. 

I remember the excitement as we drove to town, wondering if the press we were scheduled to meet the following day would take us seriously, would love or hate our products, would tell us we're crazy or brave, grill us, question us... until this point of my life I think the only press I'd ever spoken to were local and school sports day related. (Side note, they were all lovely and I don't even know what I was scared off!)

We checked into our hotel and logged onto the website. Ok, this is it, this is our shopfront, what we will present to the world and hope the world responds back positively. A few inspirational posts on Instagram, a little story added and a quick snapchat and the a flip of the "private to public" switch and KINN was live that night. 

Now what... we look at each other... that was, well anticlimactic. We refresh the page, is it really live, is this it? We shut the laptop and go to the bar for Champagne, because surely we should celebrate our launch with some champagne? But we need to not look like bedraggled messes in the morning for our press launch... just the one glass then. 

"Oh Look! Someone has bought something!" I exclaim as the "kaching" sounds echoes from my phone.

"Who?" my mum looks back at me... "is it...a stranger....?"

"My boyfriend!" ( well done bae, you did say you wanted to be our first customer, ) "Ahh! Another sale!"


"Your husband"


We sit a while longer wondering if it would be completely irresponsible to celebrate our first two sales with more bubbles, by this point the anticlimactic "public" switch of the website as worn off. We've done it, we've launched a company! We're meeting press in the morning, this is beyond exciting, this needs to be celebrated, lets go out, lets party, lets CELEBRATE! 

"Right... shall we errr call it a night?" my mum says as we both stare at the long bar. 

"Sounds good to me"

sophie lavabre-barrow