Balance Festival

If you've ever been to a trade or consumer fair you'll know it's hard, tiring, long but also fun, inspiring and exciting. That's how we felt when we did our first ever show with KINN at Balance Festival. 

We decided, with only two weeks to go and two trips abroad in that time, that we simply had to have a stand at Balance Festival, and with the little time we had I think we threw together a rather cute looking stand. 

It was so exciting to finally get to showcase KINN to the world... well the world of Balance Festival and actually meet customers... whilst this fair wasn't necessarily aimed at our customer it was a brilliant learning curve for us, and we even learnt that we had customers outside the demographic we had assumed were for KINN. So I'd say to anyone thinking of going to a fair/festival with their own brand that there really is no harm in just going for it, you'll learn so much not only about your brand and its perception but also about the people who are helping you make this a dream a reality. 

I found that by the end of the weekend I had talked myself into a throat ache and if it wasn't for the delicious juices from Botanic Lab, (shout out to Rebecca for keeping the Collagen ones cool for me!), and the divine pitaya bowls from Amvida I would have passed out in a little heap of KINN paraphernalia. 

We've just booked out stand for Love Natural, Love You, so if you'll be there come and say hi, we'll have special discounts for if you buy the on day... or if you just want to come and try our products we'll have some available too! 

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sophie lavabre-barrow