A Facial at Pfeffer Sal

A month or so ago I got an email from a place I had always wanted to go to... Pfeffer Sal. They'd stumbled across my products and had asked about the possibility of using them in the their salon, to which of course I was over the moon excited about and proceeded to happy dance around my office... because #girlboss ! 


I figured since I would be now providing the KINN eco-friendly, non-toxic, plant based and vegan friendly cleaning products as well as a few other of our #organic products that you'll see dotted about their beautiful space Fitzrovia, I should finally get around to booking in for a facial there. 

I opted for the essential facial, which is what they recommended as it was my first time there, and in honesty I think it will take a lot to convince me to try anything else now. Stupidly I didn't get a picture of my skin after the facial, but it was glowing and has been ever since I had said facial over a week ago now.

I quite often feel as though my skin can go quite dull from lack of vitamin D and wearing make up, and whilst I try to keep my make up to a minimum opting for a no-make up make up look, it's hard to get the vitamin D in when you live in London and spend most of the time inside hiding from the rain/humidity/cold/damp awful weather. With a mixture of deep cleansing, face masks, facial massage and a blast of LED light therapy I can honestly say that I have only worn a dash of mascara and smidgen of bronzer, and whilst the last week has seen some glorious sunshine I'm always careful to protect my face with a good SPF, after all I subscribe to prevention rather than cure when it comes to keeping my skin young.. (yes I already think about things like that in my 20's!) 

If you've not got enough time for a full facial, then I would recommend popping in for a quick session under the light, a treatment I had when I was dropping off the KINN products to Pfeffer Sal. It really gave my skin the boost it needed that day, but I would love to book in for a series to see the true results. 

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So excited to KINN in such great company! And to know that our eco-friendly, non toxic and plant based cleaning products are keeping their spaces in tip top condition is such a dream!