The Oman Diaries: Part 1, The Chedi


I first went to Oman for my 21st Birthday (a present from my mum), and can honestly say that whilst I had read countless blogs about the Sultanate, I was still unsure of what to expect. After all, aside from Dubai, I'd never stepped foot in the middle east. So with a vague idea that I probably shouldn't pack my short shorts, I jumped on a plane and headed for Muscat. 

We landed in Muscat at midnight and as soon as we stepped out of the arrivals hall we were whisked away to our hotel, The Chedi. We'd toyed with other hotels in Muscat, but the idea of staying at one of those super huge hotels with fifty pools and restaurants is not really our style. I'm so glad we choose The Chedi, whilst still being quite a large hotel it had the boutique feel that I love when I travel. 

So, The Chedi, where to start with this amazing hotel? Well for one, we loved it so much that when we went back to Oman last year it was the hotel we chose to stay in for the Muscat portion of our trip. 


The Chedi is well located if you want to explore Muscat and the surrounding area, and whilst I've read a few reviews about it being on the "flight path" you really don't notice this, and Muscat Airport really is not like Heathrow. If, like me, you're someone who loves to swim in the sea The Chedi has a long strip of beach and the water is the perfect temperature, though not as a clear as you may find it in Dubai or the Caribbean. 


Elegant and relaxed, the hotel sprawls lazily across it's location, fusing Omani architecture with a modern twist, the rooms are well appointed and very clean. The only thing I would say is that they are a little dark and so doing makeup can be a bit of a struggle.

Service & Faclities

Staff are friendly and helpful, though my first trip to The Chedi I felt the service was a bit better. The three pools to choose from are all divine, but if you're not one to want to lie with a load of kids splashing around in the pool next to you, two of the pools are adult only. The Long Pool is one of my favourite places to laze the afternoon away in, however there isn't much in the way of shade, so choose this if you don't mind toasting away all day. 

Food & Drink

All of the restaurants are lovely, though my faveourite was the asian one located at the Long Pool. I had lunch everyday at the pool bar and found the food to be nice, fresh and most of all tasty. The Chedi it self offers a wide variety of cuisine, from Egyptian to French on the menu so you would be hard pressed to not find something you'd like to eat. 

Spa & Gym

I must confess, I was too lazy to use the gym both times I have been to The Chedi. However I did once poke my head in and was pleasantly surprised by how well appointed and lovely it was and I do regret not managing to squeeze one workout in. It's located next to The Long Pool and it really is a stunning place to workout. 
The Spa however, I did make use off and I can't rave about it enough. The smell as you pass through the doors, the products they use, the attention to detail and the beautiful treatment rooms. If it wasn't so hot and lovely outside I think I would have spent my entire holiday lounging away in there.