Factory Visits & Other Company Related Ramblings


Don't say I never spoil you...

As we are currently working away on new products, more to be revealed soon, I thought it was about time to discuss bit more about KINN, our manufacturing and why we've chosen to do certain things. 

I realise that the above picture is probably not the most exciting thing you'll come across on the internet. But, in reality it really is! The reason being is that we can actually visit our manufactures as they are all UK based. This is great because you know when we say "KINN is made in Britain... well it really is!"

At Kinn HQ it's important to us that we keep as much as possible, as local as possible, and that is why we have tried very hard to make sure our products are manufactured in Great Britain. Our products are being made in Suffolk, our designer is London based, we ourselves are in Surrey & London and our bottles are coming from this great big blue building, who also happen to be based in Suffolk, so #winning

We chose to work with this particular factory on our bottles because my mother is obsessed with a certain slanted shoulder of bottle and they happen to make it. Joking aside, we really chose to work with them because they are a brilliant and innovative company who really are pushing the way forwards in a world of plastic and are brining new and innovative ways to not only use plastic, but to also manufacture it! More on this later. Everything from the family run nature of the business, to the as eco-friendly as possible building they have created for their factory speaks to us. They even replanted trees and create a wildlife habitat on the site of their factory! Of which I of course failed to get pictures off. Sorry about that. 

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