Think Press Juice Cleanse


For a while now I've toyed with the idea of a Juice Cleanse, and when a friend came back from the Juicy Retreat in Portugal glowing (maybe it was the sun) I knew I had to try it. After a little research and having already tried many of the juices on offer in London I eventually settled on the Think Press three day Juice Detox, I did the lighten cleanse and my mum did the Strengthen. I chose Think Press because first of all, the price was really good, and secondly it was 100% Raw, which I always look for when buying any juices or coconut water.  

We chose three days because the idea of jumping straight into six days was a little daunting to tell you the truth!

The ordering process was simple, pick your detox and order, it arrived Tuesday morning on my doorstep. I was actually missing two of my juices from Day Three and they very kindly had one sent out to me that arrived the next morning so I didn't have to worry at all. 

Day One

I must confess that I feel we both came into this a little hungover from the night before... oops.

I started the day with exercise, which I usually do on an empty stomach anyway as I don't like to eat early in the morning. My first Juice of the day was a Ginger Glow and it tasted delicious, I had this at about 10am. By roughly 1pm I was feeling like I needed food... so it was on to Juice number two! Juice Number two was a Fresh Green, and again it was absolutely delicious and got rid of that headache I was starting to develop... either from the hangover or lack of food. 

It's safe to say that by 2pm I am starting to feel peckish and I contemplated eating the cheese in the fridge. As I only had three juices left for the day and was keen to not go to bed feeling hungry, I decided to make my self a digest tea from Daylesford Organic which tided me over until roughly 3:30pm when I happily devoured...carefully drank, my third juice of the day. 

I was feeling pretty tired by the end of the day, and so I enjoyed my last juice of the day an Almond Milk, whilst binge watching Breaking Bad. Yes, I have only just got around to finishing it.

Day Two

Day Two began with the same Ginger Glow juice, and the lack of food wasn't bothering me too much, although I did keep thinking about the sourdough in the cupboard.

Again I started the day with exercise, however I felt tired pretty quickly and so decided it was time for my first juice of the day. I tried to drink my juices at the same time as I did on day one, however I was feeling pretty hungry by the afternoon and so ended up finishing my juices a lot quicker than I did the previous day.

I went to bed early and dreamt of all the food I'd enjoy at a party I was invited to over the weekend. 

The juices didn't change too much however I really enjoyed the Chocolate Almond Milk at the end of the day. 

Day Three

I would say that day three didn't really differ from day two, I was still thinking about food, however the lack of it wasn't bothering me that much. I think I just enjoy the process of eating... I didn't however exercise this morning as I wanted to conserve all of my energy for a meeting I had later on in the day. 

I must admit I was growing a little tired of drinking my meals, but thankfully the juices were still as delicious as I found them on Day One so it wasn't the juices I was growing bored off. My favourite juice I would say was the Beetroot one (I cannot remember the name) as well as The Virgin Mary, mostly because I do enjoy a good Bloody Mary from time to time...

By the end of the day I was feeling pretty excited about the opportunity to have a smoothie bowl for breakfast. 

The result

Whilst I wouldn't say that I felt any different in weight, my skin did feel a bit clearer and I had no bloating which is always a bonus. 

Would I do another juice cleanse?

Yes, although I wouldn't do one on a week where I have meetings and actual work to do. I would be more inclined to aim to do my cleanse over the weekend or on a retreat where the kitchen isn't around to tempt me. I really did like the juices that Think Press sent and when I realised I was missing two juices from my last day they sent me them without any hesitation which was brilliant. It was also nice to support a (relatively) local business as they are located in Kent, just over the border from me. 

Would I recommend a Juice Cleanse?

I would and I wouldn't. I think the option to voluntarily give up food for a few days or even a week is something you need to arrive at in your own head, otherwise I think it would be harder to stick to. So I would recommend it to people who are already inclined to try new things and who already enjoy juices as part of their lifestyle (for instance I usually have a juice or smoothie bowl for breakfast), but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is just looking for a quick fix weight loss or something like that because inevitably any weight you do loose from a Juice Cleanse will be put back on when eating again and I really do think exercise and a healthy diet is the only way to maintain a weight you are happy with. 

Would I recommend Think Press?

Absolutely, they are quick and efficient, the packaging is pretty (a big plus for me!), it's easy to line up your week in the fridge with the handy numbers onto of the bottles, the juices taste great and they have a super helpful customer service team on hand if you want to customise your cleanse to suit you. The price wasn't extortionate like many of the other cleanses I looked at either. 

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sophie lavabre-barrow