The Work Outfit That Isn't Athlesiure Or My Pyjamas


Working for myself I often find that I am drawn to wearing my onesie and slinking from bed to sofa to desk (if I absolutely have to use the desktop) back to the sofa again. It's not incredibly glamorous and unless I'm going out and actually have to meet people it can be a bit of a bore picking something to wear everyday that will ultimately be seen by no-one but my pets. 

But, getting up, dressing up and showing up (to work at my desk...) is one of my top tips on working from home if you don't want to loose your marbles, and it's one I intend to stick to more rigidly in 2018. With so many exciting things on the horizon I think it would be a shame to let them pass by from the comfort of my pyjamas, as tempting as that is...

When I look at this picture I'm reminded that I really do have some decent clothes in my wardrobe, sure they are all pretty much variations of black and grey, but I really do think I should wear them more often. And the shoes, well that's another post entirely! 

What are your top tips on dressing up for work.. when no-one is around to see you actually do it, or do you succumb to the pull of the pyjama drawer? Let me know in the comments below! 

Wearing - J-brand jeans, Manolo Blahnik Shoes, Isabel Marant Shirt. Trying out my best Victoria Beckham impression... 

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