The Gown


This may not be my best photo, it's grainy and really and truly you can't fully see the gown to appreciate just how wonderful the gown is. 99.9% of the year you will find me in my trusty black j-brands and trainers, but on that rare occasion when I get to throw away the dark colours and let out my inner Disney princess I go full out.

I've always thought that investing in something timeless is better than fast fashion, so when I came across this gown by Alexander McQueen I knew I had to have it. Luckily I happened to have a white tie function coming up, so I had the excuse to make said purchase.

A year on from now I can't say I've found much occasion to wear it again...ever... but sometimes I just slip into it and waft around the house, pretending I'm a fairytale princess for a few minutes, or until I have to run from the dogs... who don't seem to understand that mummy doesn't want them clawing at the silk!

Wearing - Alexander McQueen Gown, Sophia Webster Shoes.

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